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What's Your Tier?

Apply as a U-SOL Referral Programme Partner and INSTANTLY begin benefiting with us by completing the registration form below. What better business to partner with than a Holistic Product and Service Provider through which your market, niche or industry is definitely covered? It isn't rocket science... It's business logic, practicality and rationale!

 Start earning U-SOL Referral Rewards now!

The Buzz in today's Business world is the amazing, automatic Business Booster, The U-SOL Referral Programme. U-SOL Referral Partners spend $0.00 to be listed in our Referral Partner Database and just like that,
on auto-pilot enjoy lifetime, unlimited earnings with us. 


They're in on the action!

They've heard of the long-term benefits

from their contented colleagues and ready to boost

their business for FREE with ZERO investment capital.

Wise business people grab great business opportunities.


Another HAPPY and SATISFIED U-SOL Partner!

They're thrilled at how simple increasing their business

potential is and happy to reap the benefits! It's your turn to earn!

learn more about our 

reward card programme

discover our 

affiliate programme

Once you've registered, you can request a U-SOL Loyalty Card poster to be placed at your establishment for customer visibility. This allows walk-in customers who have not digitally accessed our Partner Database to easily recognise your establishment as a qualifying U-SOL Reward Card outlet.

Enjoy Holistic Benefits with U-SOL!

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