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We're happy you visited our portal! If you need any assistance navigating, step right in and visit our Customer Service, Sales & Marketing and Queries Departments. The U-SOL Team is always thrilled to assist in meeting YOUR needs.

Lease Your Corporate Or Commercial Space For A Ridiculous Fraction Of The Cost Of Building An Entire Website! Discover More ...










Enjoy a premium platinum business experience with luxury standards. Are you a corporate professional, business person, or entrepreneur who needs a web presence, but don't want to invest in a full-fledged website?


If you want to waver the digital setup costs attached to having your own functional web space, YOUR SOLUTION is here! Now you can purchase or lease your very own web office for a fraction of website set up costs, with both the much-needed PC and gadget-friendly capabilities, functionality and flexibility. 


Visit the U-SOL Customer Service Desk to learn more and get online today! U-SOL makes it easy for your business to receive that much-needed global representation, traction, accessibility and publicity it deserves. Click below to get started.

Have that investment capital to inject into your business and interested in a complete website? No worries!


We will work with you and create one for you in record time, within your budget and customised to suit your needs!

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We've ushered in and saluted 20201serving YOU!

U-SOL ~ Virtually Efficient, Offering Practical

Professional & Personal E-Solutions since 2018!


Get a feel of YOUR BRAND NEW VIRTUAL PRESENCE with ZERO hassle! Enjoy both the Corporate and Commercial Lease Solution Specials FREE for 1 month. Complete the registration form below and GET ONLINE INSTANTLY. There's nothing quite like having that valuable digital presence you've long been desiring.


Enjoy YOUR NEW VIRTUAL FREEDOM and flexibility with FREE ACROSS-THE-BOARD MARKETING done for you! The Holistic Life Portal subscribers receive direct in-your-face push notifications via their mobile devices and PC directly from your store or office. Stocking a new product or running a service promotion? No worries! We notify your customers of that also.


U-SOL provides you with THE 21st CENTURY CUTTING-EDGE GLOBAL DIGITAL CUSTOMER RELATIONS SOLUTION that works for you, your business and best of all, creates that intimate connection with your customers and a one-stop safe zone where your clients and your community easily connect with you! What better, more efficientt, contemporary all-inclusive space to operate business from than The Holistic Life Portal Digital Magazine, Media House, Entertainment Zone and The Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront?

Contact us @
OFFICE CELL: (758) 287 7000
   LANDLINE: (758) 572 1785

Visit the U-SOL office now!

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