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Virtual Restaurants

Digital Ordering Portal

Welcome to The Virtual Restaurant Portal. Conveniently and easily purchase tasty meals here in our Digital Ordering Hub, directly from your comfort zone. Ordering is super quick and straightforward within The Holistic Life Portal! We offer round-the-clock dedicated Customer Support should you require any assistance.

Are you ready to place your order? Here's how!
1. Select your restaurant
2. Browse its signature menus
3. Choose your dishes, desserts and beverages
4. Place your order by adding your selections to your cart 
5. Complete your purchase by providing all order details. Be sure to input all the required information and select between pick up and delivery service options. Now, pay for your meal via PayPal or with your Debit or Credit Card.

You will receive an email or SMS confirming our receipt of your order with your submitted information. Pick up your meal at your indicated time or wait for us to deliver to you. If you've selected the delivery option, your delivery fee is either payable with your order or upon delivery.

CUSTOMER SERVICE (758) 287 7000
Call or WhatsApp for assistance!

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Bon Appetite!

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