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Welcome to The Holistic Life Portal's Media Room, your modern alternative to conventional television. This is your dedicated Portal media viewing and interactive space, with programming tailored toward a globally diverse audience. 


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Meditationz Media Network | The Holistic Life Portal is inviting you to an exclusive broadcast 

Topic: Treatments for SARS - The Ivermectin Option Discussion/ Q&A

Discussion Insight: Join Dr. Gilbertha St. Rose — Dermatologist, Herbalist, Integrative Health Care Specialist | Managing Director of Eden Herbs, alongside panellists Ashwin Chandrasekar — Postgraduate in Pharmacology (M.Pharm) India | Masters Degree-holder in Management (International Trade) and Mr. Robert Kerr — Biologist, Regional Advisor/ Consultant in Integrated Urban and Rural Development in a discussion about the drug Ivermectin, its use, efficacy and safety in the treatment of conditions in humans.


Join the follow-up Q & A which will give attention to the questions of the public such as the viability of the drug as it relates to SARS among other pertinent questions.

WATCH the 'Ivermectin Option Panel Discussion' premiere below! Feel free to view other broadcasts on the Meditationz Media Channel.

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