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There are five great rewards to be earned with U-SOL

1.) U-SOL Lifetime Loyalty Cards

2.) U-SOL Reward Cards

3.) U-SOL Coupons

4.) U-SOL Gift Vouchers  

5.) U-SOL Gift Cards



U-SOL Lifetime Loyalty Card



Join the Holistic Life Portal Community and become a U-SOL Club member, qualifying you as a privileged shopper with businesses globally! Whatever your need, you save, being a U-SOL Loyalty Card holder!


How do you claim yours? 


1.) Join our mailing list, then purchase any product or service valued at US$100. minimum or


2.) Are you considering making a purchase and eager to start earning U-SOL LIFETIME customer commitment benefits and don't want to wait until your second purchase to redeem? CLAIM INSTANT REWARDS as a newbie, by adding your Loyalty Card to your first purchase of any amount and begin earning and enjoying longterm rewards with us!


* Already a U-SOL customer who's eligible to be a U-SOL Lifetime Loyalty Card holder? ClLAIM yours to redeem rewards internationally where cards are accepted. 



U-SOL Lifetime Loyalty Cards entitle our regular customers to LONGTERM savings and promotional discounts on purchases. Cards are available as wallet-sized and e-cards and entitle holders to rewards from our Unveiling Solutions Service Centre and The Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront. Call 1 758 287 7000 or email to cash in today! Terms and conditions apply!






U-SOL Reward Card



After purchasing your e- card, visit our Reward Card Database to discover places you can shop at and international businesses through which you can claim your rewards. When you apply and your purchase has been verified, your card will be delivered to you electronically. Simply present at business places through your mobile or device. Your e-card is renewable monthly. Begin reaping limitless benefits today! The more you shop, the more you earn! Contact Customer Support should you require any assistance with your purchase. Happy Shopping!


There are five classes of U-SOL Reward Cards grouped according to business, product and service category rewards. You can purchase the complete tier bundle or your card of choice according to your interests, shopping trends and preferences. Cards are categorised according to discount value.



What's your Tier?


Card Category rewards are as follows:


1.) U-SOL Bronze Reward Card - (5% Discount) - US $2.

2.) U-SOL Silver Reward Card - (10% Discount) - US $4.

3.) U-SOL Gold Reward Card - (15% Discount) - US $6.

4.) U-SOL Platinum Reward Card - (20% Discount) - US $7.90

5.) U-SOL Stellar Reward Card - (25% Discount) - US $9.80


See the U-SOL Reward Card Partner Database to find out where you qualify to shop with your U-SOL Reward Card to earn great discounts and deals! We highly value our customers and so do our partners. Your card qualifies you to shop and claim infinite deductions at any participating partner outlet globally!



 U-SOL Coupons


Our Coupons entitle you to savings of their value.


U-SOL Vouchers


Our Vouchers are valid for one-time use with product or service. 


U-SOL Gift Card


Our Gift Cards can be purchased for friends and family. 


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