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Faye-Chantelle Mondesir

Empress Faye Creator/ Artiste MasterMind, Consultation & Coaching Community


Welcome Creators and Budding Stars to my Creator and Artiste Mastermind, Consultation & Coaching Community. I am Creative Mentor Faye-Chantelle Mondesir with 17 years of Creative, Arts and Entertainment experience and expertise. I look forward to working with you and sharing my knowledge and professional, quality services to assist you with either starting off or elevating your creative careers.

Wherever you currently are on your creative life path, I will personally guide you in a comfortable, intimate, secure virtual environment — where I will provide you with the specialised attention that you need to flourish, expand and exponentially blossom toward your ultimate creative life purpose.

Are you self-motivated, committed and seriously thinking of exploring your creative interests? Have you been yearning to delve deeper into cultivating your divine gift, skill set or talent and launch full-throttle into the Creative Arts & Entertainment Industry or other artistic markets/ niches? I am here to both help and guide you step by step — creating a solid foundation for you to build upon and manifest your creative dreams.

Have you been at it for quite some time now, a veteran within your field, but not yet managed to acquire accredited or celebrity veteran status at your game?


Have you struggled with gaining momentum, tangible or notable success over the years within your creative field? Have you been working arduously, yet achieved no financial leveraging or profits for your investment? Do you feel physically, energetically, mentally or even creatively drained trying to make it all happen for yourself and toiling on your own for way too long?

If 'YES' is your answer to one or more of these questions, then YOU DEFINITELY NEED professional assistance in identifying your creative and industry blocks in relation to your individual journey thus far, which have held you back! I will do just this — identify the obstacle (s) which have stagnated your progress, create practical and effective solutions to set you firmly on the right path for your career advancement and empower you with all the key tools and professional creative exclusive assistance you need to finally take off in grand style.

I recognise and appreciate the fact that everyone is unique and by extension — the same equally applies to one's talents and abilities. I use my authentic, signature strengths, techniques, strategies, methods and processes to empathetically and meticulously zone into your individual overall strengths and in contrast, weaknesses to bring out the best in you and help pivot you toward ultimate focused productivity.

Whatever your role or placement within the creative world, I will single-handedly direct your career, coach you toward achieving your creative life goals, targets and mission and help you grow with the collective expertise of my global network teams.

I will provide you with intimate, quality creative and artistic coaching, grooming, moulding and training, in addition to a range of other vital creative services you need to move ahead — through my Creative Arts, Entertainment umbrella company H.O.F.

House of Flamz Productions & X-Klusiv Soundz music (H.O.F.) provides you with comprehensive services including Song-Writing, Script-Writing, Musical Composition, Arrangement, Recording, Production, Publishing, Marketing/ Promotion, Event Booking, Distribution/ Sales and much more.

My extensive capable international team is always ready to help take your career to a global level through amazing worldwide opportunities and provide you with privileges that will significantly amplify your forward motion.

The key to success is always taking the first step. My competent team and I are happy you have been enlightened to see and recognise the value in your gift/ talent and have realised the necessity of utilising these innate skills to share with others and also open doors for you in this great big world of limitless possibilities and bountiful abundance.

YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH, you are here! Today is an extremely significant day in your life — it is the first day and beginning of your journey toward fulfilling your highest creative purpose and becoming the best version of your artistic self. Private message me to make an official introduction and share your deepest creative desires and passions, short and longterm interests and goals. I conduct a professional analysis and see how best I can proceed to assist you. Connect with me, let's talk and we will take it from there. Namaste!

Our Mentorship Programme

We've added a mentorship programme to Empress Faye Creator and Artiste MasterMind, Consultation & Coaching Community so that you can receive support from myself or a member of our H.O.F. global network team.

You can also register as part of our international team to provide support to our community members. To do this, contact us via direct message, connect with us via call or WhatsApp on 758 287 7000. I am excited to see us all build stronger relationships with each other and I look forward to your taking this opportunity to join.

Here's how our Mentorship Programme works:

You sign up, match yourself with the ideal team member — who can assist you with your needs. You will engage in helpful conversation starters each week so that you get to know each other better. It's up to you how much time you want to spend together and what goals you want to work toward and targets you wish to pursue.

❤️‍🔥 I wish you all Blissfully Amazing, Life-Transforming and Fulfilling Creative Expansion & Abundance! ~ Empress Faye❤️‍🔥


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