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Picture of people all over the world in The (Global) Holistic Life Movement.

The Global Holistic Life Movement
Digital Community Centre

This is a Digital Community Centre where members of The (Global) Holistic Life Portal Community gather to engage in group developmental and uplifting activities, offer social and community support, while accessing valuable information. Although open to the community, specialised groups are assigned to coordinate various key projects and transformational initiatives. This virtual centre is a modern upgrade to the conventional brick and mortar community centre, offering both the conventional services, in addition to e-programmes.

The Global Holistic Life Movement assists people wanting to develop their skills or learn new ones, participate in various programmes and share with like-minded people. Apart from the FREE services we offer, affordable paid services are also accessible to all. Our programmes are specially tailored to accommodate people within various age groups, ranging from care for babies to retirees. Special educational, empowering classes and courses are provided to both children and adults.

Humanity can be much more advanced if we all contribute toward its development. Similarly to each one teaching one, which we recognise is an extremely powerful approach toward personal empowerment, each one helping one is just as impactful and evolutionary. The Global Holistic Life Movement team is always keen to pursue effective avenues of relief and roll out efficient strategies, support systems and methods to improve people’s overall quality of life.

YOU are part of the puzzle of life, that essential piece to creating and manifesting the changes the world has been asking for. Life productivity, the growth and evolution of humanity begins with  us, one person, one community at a time!


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The young and the elderly are the most vulnerable in the world. Here, we support them both by assisting with food, clothing and general support, relative to supplying the things they need. Register for The Holistic Life Movement Support Programme, where we will match you with someone who needs your help. You will be connected with them directly, free to communicate and offer the support you are able to. Everyone's needs differ, so if there is a requirement you are unable to directly fulfil, we will step in to aid and offer support from the Community Centre. Donations are welcome in order to facilitate this. Individually and Together, we ARE the difference in the lives of those who need support.

Our volunteers share their time and contribute to various projects. While they choose to serve, give and share, we believe in ensuring they are properly compensated. Your assistance is welcome to help support and take care of these caring people. Perhaps you would love to become a volunteer, but don't have the extra time to do this. You can help cover their overheads including meals, water, and travelling expenses or provide the financial support to help take care of their communication needs while on assignments. 

Every one of us is able to shift paradigms. You can begin NOW! On behalf of those who benefit from our collective efforts and support, we say thank you for doing your part!

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