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Recognising The Life of George Perry Floyd Through Cuisine

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir

Some chefs are passionate about so much more than just food. Welcome to The Share The Love Foundation. Chef Orlando Satchell and friends will be recognising the life of George Perry Floyd on May 25th, 2021, cooking with one of his favourite foods, bananas. Join us In observance as we SAY NO to injustices around the world!

Are you a CHEF? The link to the live Zoom broadcast for the George Floyd event will be available on May 24th, 2021 form 6 p.m. EST. Visit The Share The Love Foundation o join the real-time event. Let us all converge as a symbol of zero tolerance to injustices globally, regardless of race, gender, age, nationality or social status. Life must be respected and honoured — everyone born has the right to live his or her life which is a beautiful, divine gift. No one's life should be cut short through injustice, force or violence.

While we all have been very much saddened by his passing last year May 25th 2021, we choose to now unite in this moment, offering abundant love, peace, comfort and hope to George's family and close friends. We recognise the life he lived and are using cuisine (food) as the common thread we all can relate to, as with music.

Are you human? Join us and prepare a dish from home — infused with one of Perry's special foods, bananas and stand in solidarity as we observe the gift of life he enjoyed, while reflecting on our own and those of others. All lives are precious — every life matters! May we never lose sight of this for as long as we all are still breathing. Sleep in PERFECT PEACE Perry.



"Before I am a chef, I am a human first, I am a black man, someone's son, a father, a family member and a friend. While we cannot forget pain of the injustices, we need to take a moment to smile in celebration of a life lived through sharing of food and cuisine. It’s the unification of life, so let’s share the love for unity and respect!" ~ Quote by Chef Orlando Satchell in loving memory of the life of George Perry Floyd. S.I.P.

Cooking Perry's special chicken

Preparing to plate

Perry's Chicken In recognition of his life

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