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'The Holistic Global Virtual Escape' provides patrons around the world with a dedicated, exciting complete online holiday experience and unconventional retreat. This is the ultimate innovative contemporary form of hospitality indulgence — a welcome addition and sometimes a very necessary alternative to the traditional global holiday experiences, particularly during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


While travel is always great fun, an activity dedicated, religious travellers annually factor into their agendas and place at the top of to-do-lists — the reality is that many people are unable to enjoy this luxury due to a variety of restrictions. Several take this privilege for granted — when in reality not everyone has physical travel as a considerable option.


'The Authentic Holistic Global Virtual Escape' in no way seeks to replace conventional travel experiences worldwide, but to offer an invaluable alternative to people with travel restrictions who are incapacitated due to personal, social, environmental, physical/ health and other factors. These include urgent career and personal commitments, social constraints, health conditions (illness), climate adaptability issues, environmental restraints, age, among other key reasons.


Global Virtual Vacationers The Holistic Life Portal, which is a global all-inclusive life hub specialising in the provision of quality virtual products and professional services, provides the next-best 21st-century all-inclusive vacation solution, allowing people globally the opportunity to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Virtual vacationers enjoy online entertainment (including live and prerecorded shows, performing arts, music), land, sea and air tours, art, craft, literature, film, various masterclasses including cooking and many more local signature services within one cohesive space.

Patrons get to enjoy a variety of cultural sights and sound through our virtual tours and even relish the authentic and oh yes, tastes and smell of cuisine from around the world through our masterclasses. Apart from this, they get the opportunity to discover, explore and enjoy diverse creativity at its finest all in one stellar digital setting. Our across-the-board experiences can be purchased as holistic (all-inclusive) packages or bundled to suit individual interests and preferences.


Virtual Global Business Vacationers Business Travel should by no means be a luxury available to only people void of travel limitations. The Portal provides this online service to professionals with the same restrictions experienced by adventurous, fun-seeking virtual vacationers. Understanding these pressing needs, we proactively cater to a dedicated business clientele with the desire to escape their usual corporate environments. While we provide them with leisure, we also offer them bonus solid, longterm business solutions. Additionally equipping them with the added professional service alternatives they've needed to assist them in accomplishing those important tasks at hand which they've struggled with in their businesses and organisations — fully empowers them even beyond the experience.