Faye-Chantelle Mondesir

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The Holistic Life Portal | The U-SOL Centre Business Group

I invite you to support my Business Group, organisation and causes. "I do nothing without CREATOR/ SOURCE from which I originated and is my sustainer." You too happen to be an essential character in life's amazing, mysterious, yet exciting script. We as edified beings are both purposed and poised as a collective body working toward one goal — with the ultimate aim of achieving balance, complete happiness, enlightenment, empowerment and exponential well-being, even in the presence of contrast. I'm a born leader, independent and analytical thinker — a womb-man who is naturally inclined and passionate about sharing light, positivity and knowledge within my sphere and networks. I inspire and motivate people both within my personal and professional circles — propelled by spiritual inspiration to contribute toward the overall expansion of humanity.

Join me along my journey if you are in sync with my vision and divine mandate of making a positive difference and impact on those I serve and associate with. I use Music, Creative Arts & Entertainment as a few of my main tools/ mediums to effectively reach out to and positively impact society at large. As a balanced spiritual being who embraces love, light and positivity — I believe there exists good in every situation in life — even the seeming disadvantages, misfortunes and disappointments. We all can learn and grow through observation of each other's experiences  — while maintaining our individuality, authentic philosophical beliefs and spiritual persuasions.

Life is a dual etheric and physical journey of expansion, therefore we MUST NOT be solely governed by its physical aspects. We are to be GRATEFUL and thankful at ALL times in EVERYTHING — even amid seemingly unfavourable or negative situations. This IS the path toward acquiring priceless life knowledge, character building and spiritual maturity. Just as we learn from others — self-knowledge is also obtained through our own personal experiences. Out of every unfavourable occurrence or unwise choice made, a lesson can be learnt — good attained, effectively translated and utilised within our future decision-making processes. Daily conversion is a major catalyst toward continuous development along life's expansive journey.

We must always embrace the immutable, yet necessary seeds of change within our own personal existence. We should refuse to remain stagnant — but exist in a consistent state of learning and evolution. Each day possesses within itself brand new opportunities to be discovered with each rising sun! Every moment is a grand part of the beautiful timeline of existence and a door leading to a WHOLE NEW LIFE. By shifting our perspective and perception of life — we automatically alter our future experiences and sync with our destinies. The activation of this momentarily renewed mindset is reflected in wholesome, elevated choices — which leads to climactic, yet permanent eudaimonia.


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My favourite Teachers, Writers/ Philosophers/ Poets are:

Iyesus Christos, Ghandi, Soccrates, Dogen, Dalai Lama, Lao Tzu, The Buddha [Siddhartha Gautama a.k.a. Shakyamuni ], Albert Einstein, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, The Dalai Lama, 'Imperial Majesty' Haile Selassie (Emperor of Ethiopia), Sufi, Plato, Hippocrates.

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📷  Faye-Chantelle Mondesir Biography

Faye - Chantelle Mondesir, whose alias is ‘Empress Faye’ is an Entrepreneur, Publisher/ Author/ Writer/ Editor, Creative/ Artiste Mastermind, Web & Graphic Developer & Designer, Video Producer/ Editor, Mother, Wombman!

Born on the quaint, exotic tropical island of Saint Lucia, nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean almost four decades ago, was this exquisite female whose life journey was destined to impact those who would become the direct beneficiaries of her many skills and talents — but beyond all this, her balanced, radiant personality.

Those who have grown to favour her character relate — attesting with genuine accounts of how she has evolved into a woman of integrity, high morale and standards over almost 40 decades. A professional businesswoman — Ms. Mondesir, the epitome of homeostasis represents equilibrium — leveraging her professional life with her personal existence as a wife and mother of five beautiful children. She appreciates laughter, love — is passionate about many things — charismatic, intelligent, wise, caring, thoughtful, helpful and above all, a terrific listener, genuine and loyal friend.

A born visionary — not only has she evolved beyond her own human existence and grown to recognise, accept and embrace her innate divine abilities and creativity — but helps others to tune in to theirs. "We are spiritual beings enjoying this beautiful, unique human experience," is her perception of life.

So, what does her rare name represent? 'Faye' is derived from the Middle English word 'faie' meaning "fairy", or possibly from the Old French word meaning loyalty, belief, confidence and trust. The name 'Chantelle' also springs forth from French origin. The name means singer (to sing, or song) — which explains her love and passion for Creative Arts, Entertainment and Music art forms. There is so much which identifies Faye-Chantelle — her exclusive abundance of depth is what resonates with her brand supporters.

The only child of her mother — she has flourished into a beautiful ‘old soul’ — intelligent, creative and spiritual young woman whose wisdom has far surpassed her years. Additionally, she was privileged to be the first of seven offspring of her father.

Upon advancing from the St. Joseph's Convent, her alma matta and the second all-female school she attended as a girl — (her foundation being the Ave Maria Girls' School) — she continued on to the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College to embark upon a career in the field of Hospitality Studies. After a short tenure of employment locally, she migrated to the UK to continue her studies; this time pursuing Business, Management and Accounting at London, England's Lambeth College.

Returning to St.Lucia after many years, she enjoyed a successful career in the Tourism sector, amassing accumulative comprehensive experience firstly as line staff and then advancing to supervisory and managerial portfolios — until she began feeling the need for change career-wise, having seemingly arrived at the pinnacle of her career within the industry. Her innate writer's passion had long been bubbling up over the years, with an urgent need to emerge. In 2011 she launched her own digital publications (In The SpotLyght Feature Magazine and Unveiling of the Faith Magazine). With this, she decided to explore other avenues through which her creative skill would be gainfully utilised, while being of vital service to the wider public.


Upon submitting her resume to her media company of choice (The STAR Publishing Saint Lucia) — she was immediately summoned to her first interview and within a couple of days, her second. In a week, Ms. Mondesir became an employee of the most prominent, highest-ranking media company in Saint Lucia at that time, in terms of quality and professional standards. Here began her career within Media & Mass Communications — as a Journalist (Reporter/ Writer), Digital Content Manager and just before the end of her tenure, Editor of the popular 2Nite Magazine.

Within her portfolio as Digital Manager of the STAR website and related Social Media platforms — although already utilising her graphic skills — she further embraced other key roles within the Graphic Department, which vastly broadened her expertise in the fields of Print Media, Mass Communications and Journalism. She subsequently moved on to becoming the Office Supervisor and Office Administrator at an established ICT company Converge Solutions and then into radio, co-hosting a weekly music programme 'FLAMZ YoU4RIA' alongside Richard Glace (MackieMac) at Radio Free Iyanola (RFI). Her final portfolio before her permanent flight into absolute career independence was that of General Manager of Kairi FM Radio and Graphic TV. Ms. Mondesir now operates her own media business, Meditationz Media Network (MMN) — which features Transcendental Meditationz Radio online radio station and on-demand visual platforms.

A born entrepreneur — though having been gainfully employed and amassing relevant experience across the board for the better part of 13 years in between her travelling/ educational stints, her passion to operate her own business was never dormant and remained impossible to quench.

With this growing desire and the persistently insatiable flame burning within — she finally ventured onto her own pursuits on April 4th of 2018 — officially registering, fully devoting herself to and immersing herself in the development of her own brands, holistic products and services. Herein lay the formal launch, birthing of her business group and long-awaited merger of professional expertise — the pinnacle of her professional career.

"I can truly say I am happy now. I feel like I am finally in the process of really fulfilling my divine purpose and achieving my goals — utilising all the creative energies which I have been blessed with — while simultaneously engaging all my in-born skills and talents. It feels great, I feel good! I am truly living my fullest potential — because to live and labour without pursuing those things we love most, though employed — is no authentic living at all! Too often people exist from day-to-day, struggling through the burdensome routine of employment for survival, which is unfulfilling — void of real passion for the work they do." This was her testimony at the dawn of 2018.

What the future has in store for this young, ambitious woman, time alone will reveal! One thing's for certain though, she will surely be doing some wonderful things — positively impacting those within her network with the help of her CREATOR whom she always gives homage to.

Her advice to everyone, "Do everything with great, in-depth passion, love and commitment and do what you love the most! Foster and invest in the things which you are very passionate about. Always be grateful in everything and in each circumstance, never stop smiling — ALWA