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Caring through The Share The Love Foundation

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir

The Share The Love Foundation is the initiative of Chef Orlando Satchell, through which he undertakes humanitarian gestures of caring and sharing, additionally hosting events which help support worthy causes. Apart from over forty years as a culinarian, the equally energised part of Chef Orlando Satchell is his interest in social situations. The international chef uses his Caribbean cuisine as a catalyst for both uniting people from all walks of life, territories and wherever possible — as a catalyst to initiate change.

Food (particularly cuisine), indicative of his passion — remains the central tool, common thread and universal language of choice which he uses to communicate his emotion through the ventures he aims to undertake. The first observance of the foundation will be a virtual celebration of the life of George Perry Floyd through cuisine. This event encourages chefs from around the world to join in the preparation of a dish using bananas which were 'one of George's favourite foods,' his aunty told Chef Orlando.

The Foundation is also seeking to raise funds for Coach Dean White, Saint Lucian tennis coach in his quest to raise money for treatment of renal failure which he was recently diagnosed with. The Saint Lucian Tennis Association will be hosting an over-50 tennis tournament, the proceeds of which will go toward assisting Coach Dean. Chef Orlando has teamed up with the Association to offer a three-course lunch for two to the winners.

Interested players can register for the event through the Association or contact (758) 489 6211 or (758) 287 7000 for more information.

Tennis Coach Dean White talks about his fight against kidney disease

Support Coach Dean in his time of need as he seeks medical treatment to fight this disease. Donate to his GoFundMe to assist in meeting medical expenses as he fights to beat kidney disease.



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