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5 Steps to Declutter Your Office for More Productivity

By Antoanetta Tsocheva

Like your home, office space gets cluttered very quickly. In fact, clutters gather up quicker in offices because you are almost always busy with some tasks, giving you no time to pay attention to your environment. We have all been there. However, one thing we do know for sure is that a cluttered office should not be ignored, no matter how busy you are.

Clutter decreases productivity and destroys your brand. Nobody wants to do business with a dirty and untidy company. Therefore, you ought to create a system that keeps clutters in check. In this article, we discuss 5 Steps to Declutter Your Office for More Productivity.

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Try a new layout

Sometimes the magic is not in cleaning but the layout. Some offices get cluttered immediately after cleaning. It is time to try something new. You can start by taking everything out and rearranging the space to make it more practical for all your essentials. You don't need to move your office, you just need to find a new layout that optimizes the space you have. Clearly, your office items are increasing, you need to decide what goes where.

Bring in dividers and shelves

To declutter your office, you should totally consider using dividers and shelves to maximize available space. You will be surprised how much extra space you will have with dividers and shelves. Try using dividers on your office desk and cabinets or drawers. You could also get hanging shelves to get some things off your desk.

Take only essentials with you

Decluttering involves removing irrelevant materials from your desk. The essence of this exercise is to keep your valuables where they ought to be to ensure your office space looks clean and tidy. You cannot do that without trashing out waste. In this case, waste is anything you won't need - not now, not ever. There is no need to keep them around. The only items that should make it into your newly divided layout should be your essentials. So, take the time to go through everything and classify them into essentials and waste.

Your cables go where?

Your office table and the floor are usually what come to mind when we talk about decluttering. Most people tend to forget that cables create a mess too. As you embark on this decluttering journey, be sure to put your cables where they belong. Whether it is your phone cable or that of your laptop or workstation, you need to include these cables in your restructuring plan for an effective result.

Go digital

This is yet another effective way to declutter your office. If you look around your office, you will realize that most of your clutter is paperwork. Old dusty documents, used notes, squeezed papers, and the likes make up a large share of office clutter. Consequently, you can solve a large share of your clutter problem by simply taking your notes and documents online. You will find this even more convenient and easy to use. So, you really have nothing to lose here. Give it a try!

Bonus tip!

Best advice - don't put off cleaning

You could try every great declutter tip and still get yourself into a big mess. Why? It is because you wait too long to do simple things. Every clutter starts as a little mess: just one crushed paper on the desk or one forgotten file. And then you keep adding one more until it becomes a huge mess. The only secret to being clean is to clean as often as possible. If you clean your desk every day, it will be easier to get rid of the little dust, squeezed paper, or irrelevant notes.

No doubt clutters build up quickly. However, you can totally take back control of your office space with these effective tips. Give these a try and let us know how fun it is to declutter your office. Good luck!

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