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Caribbean Journal Acknowledges Orlando's as the Eleventh Best Restaurant in the Caribbean

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir

Caribbean Journal Invest, has in 2022 highlighted the sought-after Orlando’s Restaurant & Bar located in Soufriere, Saint Lucia, as being the eleventh best Caribbean restaurant. A trusted digital authority, it is the world's biggest Caribbean-focused website featuring regional travel and tourism content.

A commentary excerpt from the journal referenced the Saint Lucian establishment spotlighting, “Perhaps the world’s premier ambassador for Caribbean cuisine, this Soufriere stalwart serves up the eponymous Orlando Satchell’s gastronomic masterpieces, with a constantly changing, inspired menu that’s an example for the whole region”.

The familiar restaurant, delivering some of the finest Caribbean cuisine epicureans can secure on the island, in 2021 was positioned at number ten in Caribbean Journal. The Owner and Executive Chef, Orlando Satchell is pleased that his food and beverage business has again been recognised.

He has amassed several prestigious awards throughout his culinary career. The energetic restaurateur is among the local public figures whose diverse, unrelenting contributions assist in maintaining Saint Lucia’s worldwide prominence as a captivating, tropical destination, providing a wealth of disparate offerings to travellers. Chef Orlando has worked assiduously in his cosy kitchen for nearly a decade, with the goal of supplying strictly gourmet ‘Ti Manje’ dishes to restaurant diners.

Irrespective of the time of day, the chef is always set to welcome, host and entertain guests from countries worldwide who visit Orlando’s while vacationing. The quaint restaurant in the south of Saint Lucia is usually on the bucket list of visitors to the island’s shores.

Orlando’s Restaurant & Bar is preparing to observe the landmark occasion of its ten-year anniversary on December, 12th 2022. This will be a monumental celebration for staff and patrons alike. Attendees of the event, which will usher in Saint Lucia’s annual National Day holiday, are all expected to be ‘Sharing The Love’ in an indelible way, a discernible custom at Orlando’s.

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