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Orlando’s Restaurant & Bar nominated for the THA Food & Restaurant Awards 2022

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir

The Travel & Hospitality Awards is an annual observation of excellence within all sectors of the travel industry. The independent programme recognises and celebrates excellence displayed by the finest hotels, spas, restaurants and tour operators.

Orlando’s Restaurant & Bar, a famed restaurant specialising in Caribbean cuisine service based in Saint Lucia, has been nominated in 2022 for the THA Food & Restaurant Awards Programme. Recipients of the Travel & Hospitality awards were carefully chosen through review analysis, cumulated from multiple verified third-party sources.

An expert panel undertook the selection process by circumspectly accessing submission material, along with customer feedback. Each entrant was then compared based on their specialty, with winners being awarded for their distinctions.

The THA’s logistics team elaborated on their programme, giving insight to the public saying, “Our global awards honour the firms and individuals which have displayed excellence in a multitude of fields throughout the year. Our dedicated research team look to single out some of the most active and influential individuals to feature in our annual publication”.

They added, “We use extensive sources to identify nominees that we feel deserve recognition and look to provide an insight into their accomplishments over the past twelve months”.

Veteran proprietor of Orlando’s Restaurant & Bar, Orlando Satchell, wishes to thank the individuals who nominated his food and beverage operation. He is committed to continued provision of steadfast food service and consistent customer satisfaction. The chef aims to maintain the overall high standards which regulars of his Caribbean restaurant appreciate.



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