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Self-Healing = Self Love!

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir

Many emotional, personality and character issues which adults struggle to cope with, are the result of years of accumulated hurt, pain, anger, resentment, turmoil, confusion and a host of other accompanying emotional and psychological blocks. All these not only significantly hinder one’s daily flow and processes — but also inhibit the ability of adults to be socially functional and adaptable, fitting productively into society and positively interacting with other people.

These issues stemming from negative childhood situations must be addressed, in order to live a fulfilling life. Firstly, one must be honest with his or herself, approaching the healing exercise with humility and an expectation of a favourable and successful outcome. Deep introspection is required — while self-examination, awareness and observation of one’s childhood journey is necessary.

One must recollect and bring to the fore of their minds every single detail — whether harrowing or pleasant, being mindful and observant of the feelings attached to every situation experienced. The individual must then analyse who was at fault and take full responsibility for their part in these situations, determining whether they were the cause of these encounters. Upon recognition of his or her innocence relating to the particular event, he or she must relinquish ALL blame and guilt.

It is now time to say goodbye, not only to the emotional attachments and dependencies triggered by these experiences — but also the memories of condemnation on each party’s end. Self-love needs to be introduced at the moment and equally — appreciation for the lessons learned, which have served as a catalyst toward one’s existence in this present time.

There is much to be said and considered relative to rehabilitation from past hurts, particularly childhood pain and trauma. We will look further into the exercise (therapy) — the healing of self, in the continuation of this article. Visit soon to read more!

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