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‘Orlando - Caribbean Chef On a Mission’, Secures Tripexpert's Experts' Choice 2022 Award

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir

The British-born Caribbean chef Orlando Satchell has for years operated within the culinary industry, with a long-term plan to acquire global recognition for Caribbean cuisine. In possession of numerous awards, his restaurant, Orlando’s Restaurant & Bar has in 2022 secured Tripexpert's popular Experts' Choice Award, far from surprising to his loyal patrons.

The world’s best hotels, restaurants and attractions annually receive this accolade based on collective professional reviews from various reliable sources. Aside from these expert reviews from trusted travel guides, magazines and newspapers, Tripexpert’s highly selective criteria result in fewer than two percent of eligible venues being recipients of their distinguishing award.

Orlando’s Restaurant & Bar, referenced as one of the pioneer eateries in Saint Lucia by Frommer’s, is highlighted as being famous for ​​’chasing down local and sustainable foods from St. Lucian farmers and producers’.

Lonely Planet’s review of the establishment described Chef Orlando as having ‘made a name for himself, basically inventing the concept of farm-to-table cuisine’, while a Fodor’s Travel expert has expressed that though his portions are small, the flavours and richness of the cuisine make his dishes ‘perfectly filling’.

“If there's something on the menu that doesn't appeal to you or you can't eat, chef Orlando is very accommodating. Even when closed, he will happily open the restaurant for six or more people”, they pointed out. These, among other attributes, have contributed to Orlando’s being recommended to travellers far and wide.

The enthusiastic chef intends to continue serving food connoisseurs the meals they sincerely appreciate while in the Caribbean, connecting diners from around the world with his unique, unfailing STL (Share The Love) hospitality strategy.

It is no doubt that this is what has made Orlando’s Restaurant & Bar a welcoming home to adventurous locals and international tourists desirous of enjoying the tropics, through indelible fine dining experiences.

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