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Is Gaia Cleaning Up?

By Gabriele Van Zon

Feng Shui looks at all systems, patterns and life issues from a cyclical point of view. Therefore we ask, are we in a disastrous pandemic because cyclical renewal has spun out of control?

With the help of feng shui, we may learn and understand what's at stake for Gaia and its fate as a living organism. Feng shui is always personal and in this case the person is Gaia, the Greek concept for Mother Earth.

First, we look at tao and the hierarchy of basic needs. At the very bottom and foundation of the pyramid is sustainability. This requires avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain ecological balance. If basic needs are met for all species, nature will live in harmony.

The best graphic description for a living system maintaining homeostasis is the taiji symbol, the great ultimate. Yin and yang in perfect equilibrium is the magic formula for checks and balances in a self-regulating system. Gaia has pushed the recess button trying to clean up the mess Homo Sapiens has created. Our carbon footprint has gotten too large. Excess has become the norm and yang has flipped over the top.

For a long time, Gaia has been sending signals with changes in weather patterns and climate extremes. To no avail! Greed has taken over financial systems; buildings and homes are taller and larger than ever; ships are floating monsters spewing trash into the oceans; cars and planes have gotten bigger and faster; IT has increased speed and capacity beyond our wildest expectations, and our environment is toxic and polluted. Our trash and waste have grown disproportionately. Obesity is the most widespread affliction with the direst health consequences.

Gaia has chosen the beginning of a new cycle for her feng shui deep clean. The year of the Rat with metal as the dominant element is significant with its implications. The Rat is a scavenger and finds dirt and debris in the most remote and hidden nooks and crannies. The metal element resonates with order and propriety. Strict observation of protocol is a typical metal characteristic, and it calls for the discipline we all need to follow the guidelines imposed by health authorities.

Gaia is responding with significant evidence often associated with a thorough feng shui clutter clearing. People stuck at home have started to clean out drawers and closets or initiated home repairs and improvements. Cleanliness and disinfectants have never been more imperative.

The Bagua reminds us of life-affirming and pressing challenges. Compassion and Helpful People are applauded and praised. Creativity and Connectedness have found new venues with virtual meetings, gatherings and excursions into virtual reality. A constant flow of banter and gallows humour brings relief and instant laughter. As we move from current problems toward mitigation in the Future, Health is central on any path we take toward economic recovery and Prosperity. Wisdom and Knowledge are fundamental for resolving diagnostic issues and medical solutions.

Nature is responding with unprecedented speed and a reawakening of life without human intervention. Clean air and clear skies on starry nights reveal vistas that had been veiled by smog and pollution. Wildlife is venturing forth into deserted human terrain and basking in freedom. Le Le and Ying Ying the pandas at the Hong Kong Zoo have finally had sex after 10 years of being together. Maybe all they needed is the privacy of being unobserved. Jellyfish are returning to the clear waters of Venetian canals undisturbed by Traghetti motoring. We quote from the NYT Critic's Notebook: With Humans Away, Critters can play!

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