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Here's How To Overcome Procrastination!

Procrastination was of one my biggest obstacles in life which I could see was sabotaging my success.

I will try to give you the insights and experiences I went through to unlocking procrastination. It's not easy to see, it took a few years for me to figure this out. I'll work from a mechanical point view by revealing the moving parts in the mind, that when combined, act like an engine that's stuck, full of gunk, blowing out smoke and backfiring.

Let's break it down:

Ambition - Procrastination gets worse the more ambitious you are The obstacle - If you're procrastinating, I bet it appears big in your mind Resources - The more money you need, the more the outlook will look bleek Tools - If you're creative, you my feel that the software is too complicated Volume - What you're dreaming of may seem like you need a lot of work done Knowledge - You may be thinking you need to study more Competition - You may feel like a small fish in a big pond

What chance do you have?

Boom!! Procrastination sets in due to doubt and uncertainty, mostly in yourself. Doubt sabotages all ambition, doubt is like old oil in the engine block thats turned into sludge and clogging up the pistons. Often we can't see we're doubting ourselves.

Overcoming doubt is where it starts. "Lets figure out how!"

The first obstacle is to understand how the mind works. When the minds starts to piece things together, if the pieces don't fit and they seem far out, the mind will flash the red light that implies:

"How is this going to work, it just seems impossible!" "The work needs to be a professional spec" This leads to thinking, "Things may never work out"

  • Turn Netflix on, nothing to watch

  • Go to Facebook, nothing interesting

  • Watch YouTube, nothing interesting

  • Feeling yuk? "Bye bye energy!"

Sound familiar? (We're all human we all feel this way, even the best of us)

Step 1. Where it starts

We want to stand out, we want to show off, we want to succeed, we want to be the best, we want to be a winner too! But when the path looks to far to go, we're already down in the dumps.

The ancient Romans believed that success cannot be predicted which also means neither can failure be predicted, we suffer more in imagination that in reality, we hate to fail, we hate to look like a failure, we feel we may get laughed at as a failure. "Learn to LOVE failure!" Failure is your friend!

You cannot succeed unless you fail. Failing is the same as making mistakes. Many mistakes added together become experience. Through experience we learn to become the master.

Therefore: Success is NOT in the future, success is today everyday! Even if you procrastinate today, every passing minute is another chance to try. Understand the process, when something looks bleak:

  1. The mind starts it's negative thinking journey.

  2. Negative thinking leads to doubt

  3. The feeling of doubt saps energy

  4. You fall into fearful thinking mode

  5. Pity sets in

Like a knot in a kites string. All you need to do is lay down the rope, sit in a quiet place, let the mind settle, turn on some soothing music and begin to unravel the knot, unravel clues to your mind.

For me what works best is the great stoic philosophers of Ancient Rome and Greece. On YouTube, look for the RedFrost Motivation Channel," BE UNSHAKEABLE - Ultimate Stoic Quotes Compilation

Sit quietly and listen to those quotes, you'll begin to see how life fits together. What starts to happen?

"New ideas!" "New ways of thinking!"

New ideas are effectively the opposite to doubt. New ideas are exciting, they give you that youthful imagination which tickles the spirit in you! They turn into the these little bubbles of butterflies in the belly!

Want proof?

Do a search on Soundcloud for a song written by "Groove Biscuit" called "Flutter". The lyrics say, "Flutter on the wings of a butterfly", actually reminds me of butterflies in the belly. Listen to it when you start to feel butterflies bubbling in the belly, the song is made to get you going with some good driving energy!

Energetic music only works when your mind starts to turn into positive thinking through fresh ideas! They create hope! They make you feel like you have a chance! Truth is everyday is another chance for you to try!

Become sensitive to your gut feel, notice the cloud lifting in the mind which sparks the gut feel, you may start to feel a sense of excitement! Butterflies start turning into energy, which then turns into more ideas, which then become exciting ideas!

This will then reveal to you:

Whats causing the procrastination, or better put, whats not causing the energy to ignite and get you going and inspire you, you need belief and to feel yourself getting up! Learn how to unravel it yourself slowly but surely, piece by piece.

Remember, there's no rush, take your time, let it unwind itself. You'll know it's working when you start to feel inspired or when you have a feeling, a sense of weight lifting off your chest!

Now I can quote the Great former Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, "Look within. within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig."

Step 2. Where it grows

If you have a dream to be successful and you somehow know deep within you that you somewhere, somehow have it in you to be great. Truth is you're right, you do have it in you!

The universe moves slowly, one galactic year takes 225 to 250 million terrestrial years. 25920 terrestrial year for the sun to rotate the zodiac. It's just entered into the age of Aquarius fpr example.

If you closed your eyes for 10 years then opened them, I'm sure you'd agree the world will have changed quite a lot.. If you looked at the earth tomorrow, will you see a difference other than the weather?

Success happens over time, there's no other way unless you win the lottery. Even then many of the lotto winners ended up spending all their money.

In order to be great at something, you need to develop a daily habit. Everyday you have to get up to try, even if it's a little. Believe that even a 5 min YouTube video on a topic you love is enough to start moving forward.

Be satisfied that progress is almost always slow, don't let it bother you that you'll have to wait. Learn to be happy with what you've got. If you didn't have them, you may find you'll miss them.

By being happy with what you have, you won't focus on what you don't have. All that you have came to you in one way or another, so too many more things will come in one way or another, there's no doubt they will come to you.

Success is a journey, a successful journey is a process of discovery! If you've read this article thus far, you're already searching, already discovering things!

Keep going, keep searching. Look for things that lift your spirit, turn OFF the news, negative information will distract you, turn off trivia and wasetful information, look for success, read quotes, watch interviews with Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos. If you're a startup founder, watch "Start Up Grind" on YouTube. Many VCs speak there, they explain what they look for in a start up founders.

If you're an artist, writers block is a form of procrastination. Learn to love the quiet, turn off the noise, sit in nature, breathe and relax. Let the mind wonder, all you need is a few moments to capture your breath and your thoughts.

Let your mind unwind and release then give it another go everyday of your life no matter what happens!

Fall in love with the work, let the work itself make you feel good, not the reward.

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