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A Tasty Ten-Year Triumph, Compliments of Chef Orlando

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir

The year 2022 marks ten years of culinary triumph for Executive Chef Orlando Satchell. Family, friends, team members, customers and supporters worldwide will recognise this landmark occasion on December 12th, 2022 at Orlando’s Restaurant & Bar in Soufriere, via an on-site and simultaneous virtual celebration.

This Adventurous Epicurean Tale began with the chef working in the United States, Singapore, Russia, Italy and later, Malaysia, following certification of his skill. Having gathered knowledge and experience, he proceeded to establish and manage restaurants in Singapore, Miami and London. A two-week consultation redirected him to Saint Lucia and his fortnight stint transitioned into a decade, enamored by the island’s amazing natural beauty.

After having enjoyed both the highs and lows as a restaurateur, it is safe to say that the accomplished proprietor has now mastered the art of cooking and serving fine Caribbean food. He does this with dexterity and class, not only within the intimate confines of his homely restaurant in Soufriere, but also at prominent events around the world. His goal for decades has been to acquire global recognition for this currently sought-after cuisine. The majority would agree that the mission has certainly been accomplished!

This ten-year achievement not only symbolises the durability of a business built by a British-born chef resident in Saint Lucia, it equally marks years of consistency and success. Valuable friendships have been established with committed customers worldwide and as the reviews came pouring in, Chef Orlando’s value within his industry concurrently increased. Not only has he catered to the general public, but he has also served both celebrities and royals, providing them with a uniquely Saint Lucian taste of the tropics.

He has won numerous awards as the restaurant’s popularity steadily grew, gaining golden recommendations. The public figure has hosted and catered at several reputable functions globally in the capacity of a chef and additionally served as Food & Beverage Director of the Saint Lucia Tourist Board and Councilor of the Soufriere Constituency Council. Undoubtedly, the support of his hard-working staff throughout the years has helped to place Orlando’s in high demand, not only locally, but also internationally.

It has unquestionably been the distinguished food and beverage professional’s pleasure meeting, greeting, entertaining and satisfying the gastronomic interests and desires of all who have graced the seats at this famed restaurant in which many prominent people worldwide have dined.

He has enthusiastically shared his love of Caribbean cuisine and the island, by educating everyone he has served, not only about Saint Lucia, but also the food and culture. The highlight of this journey according to the illustrious chef has been “helping to make Caribbean cuisine more internationally recognisable, while educating about the cultural and health benefits of Caribbean ingredients”.

He is also appreciative of the opportunity he has had to incorporate native fishers and farmers into the restaurant’s food and beverage service, making them an integral part of and key contributors to Saint Lucia’s tourism industry. These suppliers have been at the core of the Orlando Caribbean experience from the business’s inception. They have regularly provided tasty, fresh produce and the ‘catch of the day’ which guests have continuously enjoyed as a dining highlight.

Chef Orlando shared, “I want to recognise my mom, who sat next to me at that first job interview as a young cook. She took not much and made it into something! I also want to recognise my friend Diana Theodore for her friendship and contribution. She was the one standing next to me when I first opened the door. May she rest in peace.”

In conclusion, he stated, “I thank everyone who has supported Orlando’s throughout the years. I will continue doing what I have been doing, using homegrown fruits, vegetables and other produce to feed my customers, because I strongly believe that the validation of wealth is health”. Happy 10th Anniversary to Orlando’s Restaurant & Bar!



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