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Who We Are
Image by Mohammad Metri


The possibilities are endless with comprehensive musical and creative representation through H.O.F. and artistic opportunities are limitless. We offer a host of unmatched professional entertainment services to our clients, while simultaneously equipping our members with opportunities within the Creative Arts & Entertainment industry.


We collectively facilitate the achievement of musical, artistic and entertainment goals. House of Flamz Productions & X-Klusiv Soundz Music is a registered Entertainment, Music, Production, Events Company and Recording Label.

Our unified mission as a complete creative and musical team is to tastefully and exclusively entertain a global audience, providing an all-inclusive, unique product and service offering, while supplying an expressive platform for creatives, musicians and artistes. H.O.F. is never short of creative communication and great music — here, the vibrations are always ‘HIGH’! Welcome to House of Flamz Productions!

Feel free to register your artistes if you are a music manager, promoter, agent, or as an independent artiste. All resident artistes and musicians’ work is represented by House of Flamz either in terms of promotions or personal management.

New artistes seeking representation from us, can request a form through the House Contact menu tab, or alternately send a request to


We feature a variety of positive music across genres and aim to highly support all artistes, musicians and bands under the House of Flamz banner. The X-Klusiv Soundz Music Group is a sub-division of House of Flamz Production/ Promotions and recording label.

H.O.F. is an exclusive umbrella company representing unique positive musicians, artistes and producers — the name speaks volumes … Exclusive!


Visit our Entertainment Magazine In the SpotLyght Feature Magazine on Facebook ( and on the web ( or

Forward submissions with your request to or if you wish to be featured as a band, artiste or musician through this engaging digital publication.

Follow The Collective Chord, our global creative community on Facebook ( and our media company Meditationz Media Network ( for updates.

Please note that we represent TASTEFULLY ENTERTAINING, POSITIVE musical and lyrical content. Thanking you in advance for your consideration and compliance when making submissions.


Contact us at or if you wish to come under our management/ representation, be promoted, or build your creative or musical career.



Contact us via email:


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