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A Social Network With A Difference!



Welcome to The Collective Chord 

Celebrating Global Unity

Our slogan…


Creation Speaks With a Resounding Voice of Harmony…The Collective Chord!!!


Hello everyone! The Most fresh and innovative creative social network is here, THE COLLECTIVE CHORD, the ultimate social home for creative minds and liberated spirits, The Collective Chord is the Global Home of musicians, signed and unsigned artistes, producers, promoters, music business people, music managers, record labels, booking agents, event coordinators, writers, dancers, artists, craftsmen and women, actors, publishers, poets, designers, all other creative people within the music and film industries. This is also the zone for music, entertainment and creative art lovers, fans, supporters and followers. across the globe.

If it pertains to socialising, entertainment and creative arts, this is the place, THE ULTIMATE SOCIAL, MUSIC, ENTERTAINMENT ZONE & THE HOME OF CREATIVE MINDS!

The Creative Chord brings together creative and intellectual people, free spirits, people within the music industry and international entertainers into a network of art and talent, an exciting place where music, literature, art, craft, various skills and talents are displayed and shared within the community.

This is the ideal platform to interact and the perfect place to discover, be discovered, share your intellectual property, entertain the world at large, be entertained and enlightened, learn and most importantly showcase your work, talent, business, venture, or event.


Yes, not only is this the home of music and other performing arts, but this is also the home of movie directors, filmmakers, scriptwriters, editors, photographers, videographers and media workers. Whatever your job description in the music, film, or creative arts industry, you are welcome to this wonderful space.


Come, become a part of  The Collective Chord and share with the community! The best things in life are free and one of the best gifts you can offer is your talent, so showcase it LIBERALLY to an appreciative audience.

Artistes are welcome to promote their music; music managers, this is the place to have your artiste seen; filmmakers, come share and promote your movies. Artists, writers, craftspersons, and producers are welcome to showcase their material.


This is the Ultimate Global Exhibition, Creative Stage and Arts Platform, the place where you either discover or be discovered! Right here in The Collective Chord, auditions are the order of the day! Sign fresh, new talent or be signed. Already a famous entertainer, career person, or creative entity? Further expand your career horizons. Isn’t it about time you were part of a social community, which you can actually identify with, a place, a network of people who share your interests? Unlike the conventional social networks, The Creative Chord fulfills just this need!


Now you can socialise, network, hang out and relax and really be engaged and captivated by things which truly capture your attention. Instead of signing into regular social sites and remaining signed in all day waiting for someone to message, hoping they have something interesting to share, simply register, sign in, chat and hang out for as long as you like and for the first time TRULY be entertained by things you identify with and like-minds. Everyone loves music, media, art and entertainment, but not all of us enjoy the same kinds. Friend people with common interests, follow the music, things which spark your interest and people YOU like. Enjoy the things which captivate YOU.

Welcome Home to ”The Collective Chord,” A Collective Euphony of Global Art & Entertainment!

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