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The (Global) Holistic Life Portal



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The (Global) Holistic Life Portal |

Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall

Luxury Storefront (U-SOL)

C/O The U-SOL Centre Business Group


The Premier and Premium Holistic Product & Service Providers -

Your All-Inclusive Hub!


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The U-SOL Centre Head Office -

Corporate Sales + Accounts Department 

(UK number) +44 7451277437

U-SOL Corporate Marketing + Administrative Department 

(US number) 1 360 347 7339

U-SOL General Communications 

(Saint Lucia Base) Landline 1758 572 (1SOL) 1765

Service Centre | Customer Relations |

Information | Enquiries 1 758 287 7000

or 758 489 3731


Primary Email 

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