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H.O.F. Mastering Silver

H.O.F. Mastering Silver


Stem Mastering - Balancing and Mastering a few seperations of track. Stem mastering is mixing combined with a majority of mastering.


Stems are grouped, processed audio files mixed down to a single instrument stem, e.g. drums. They are groups of the same/ similar instruments mixed down to either mono or stero files (stems are mastered into single stero files). An example of this is if there are 10 microphones on your drum kit, 2 for kick, 3 for toms, 2 for snare, 2 overheads and 1 hyatt mic, all these would be processed all together to achieve the best sound for the drums. A stem would then be made by taking with the processing all ten of these elements and creating one (a single) stem (which is no longer editable), and creating a single stero file or stem. Apart from drum stems, there are also guitar, base and vocals which can be created for live musical backing at performances which give you a complete live band output.


Stems are commonly used as backing tracks for performance at a live event or when sending stems off for stem mastering.


1.) Live event performance on playback - Individual instrument stems can be used as musical accompaniment at a live perfromance where for example, you are the vocalist with only a guitar backing.


2.) Stem mastering: Stem mastering is mixing combined with a majority of mastering. Our mastering engineer will use your stems, taking for instance your drum track/ stem and perhaps aggressively compress the drums, while the vocal stem is brightened or mid-range added, to allow the vocal to cut through the mix better. Stem mastering is 


In comparison to stereo mastering, stem mastering is an advancement or step up, by offering more options to our mastering engineer. While a stereo master begins with just two tracks (left and right of the mixdown), a stem master consists of the separated/ divided elements of a track. Stem mastering is more advanced method of online-mastering, in which you submit multiple stereo files of your track. Each audio file comprises single or combined elements of your mix. These files are also called separations, layers or stems.


Apart from stem mastering, we provide stereo mastering and multitrack mixing/mastering (see H.O.F. Mastering Bronze and Gold, Platinum and Stellar Packages).


Requirements: You are required to submit up to six stems rendered from start to finish of your song. These are normally inclusive of one stem for kick, vocals, basses, synths, effects and drums, although this is variable according to the track.


✅ High Res. MP3,

      Uncompressed or 

      Compressed WAV, FLAC, AIFF

✅ Cloud Storage

❌ Shareable Storage Link




  • Mix and Master Specs

    Preparation and provision of files for Mix and Master:


    Ensure your audio files for stereo/stem mastering and mixing meet thes following requirements:


    Bit Rate: 16bit or 24bit
    File Formats: WAV or AIFF
    Sample Rates: 44.1khz, 48khz, 88.2khz or 96khz



    Prior to submission of your final mixes for mastering or mixing, ensure the following:


    1.) That they are indeed the final mixes. Be sure you are satisfied with the mixes.

    2.) Make allowance for a small amount of silence at the start of the song and ensure tracks fade out smoothly.

    3.) Be sure files don't excede - 3dB on the master fader.

    Leaving certain master fader processing enabled is acceptable, however removing any compression and limiting would welcome, as It is impossible to “undo” over-compression or limiting.


     If in your opinion limiting and/or compression on the master is vital to your music, feel free to detail to us in the message box. 


    4.) Verify that files contain no errors; check them after rendering.

    be sure to accurately label mixes; correct track number order, track and artiste names should be included in the filename for efficient organisation. Note that these may be altered as necessary, during the mastering process.


    For best file output and transfer:


    1.) Place all files in a ZIP folder.

    2.) Upload the folder to the following cloud storage mediums: Dropbox (preferred), Google Drive, We Transfer or similar file-hosting

  • Please indicate by number the desired file format.

    1.) Stereo wav 44.1khz, 16 bit (included)

    If another bit depth or sample rate is required instead, please indicate when making your order. 


    2.) Mp3 320kbps (US 6.50 /per rack)

    Choose this option if you need high quality mp3.


    3.)  Additional high resolution wav (e.g. 96khz 24 bit) (US $6.50 per track)

    Select this option if you want an additional wav file with a higher sample frequency or bit depth. Standard we deliver a 44.1khz/16 bit wav file.


    4.) Mastered for I-Tunes (US $45.16 per track)

    This selection provides you with an extra wav file at 24 bit which is free from inner sample distortion after conversion to the I-tunes format. Sound quality will be better in I-tunes. 


    5.) Lower level master for media that use loudness normalization (US $6.50 track)

    iTunes radio, YouTube and Spotify no longer require files around 0dBfs. These streaming services now work with loudness normalization. They normalize all audio to a certain playback level. Each track they stream has the same perceived loudness. A louder master no longer benefits from just being loud, therefore a master that has plenty of dynamics and transients will certainly sound better on these platforms. The addied advantage is that your tracks don’t have to suffer from distortion, clipping or inter-sample clipping.


    6.) Analog Mastering Treatment (US $64.52 per track)

    H.O.F. utilises our analog tube equipment in the mastering chain to give your sound an analog finish.


    7.) Run my master trough an analog tape machine (US $64.52 per track)

    Your master is being recorded to tape and played back again to the digital domain. This can remove harshness from your track ad add detail and air.


    8.) Analog mastering + Tape machine (+€75/track)

    Combines our analog mastering using Manley, Maselec Elysia and Shadow Hills Equipment with the Tape Treatment.


    9.) DDP (US $64.52)

    You'll need a DDP when you want to press your album at a CD press plant. You will also receive a DDP safety copy from us and a software player that can play your safety DDP. With our DDP software you can also burn a CD yourself.


    10.) Vocal Tuning (US $38.71 per track)

    Select this option if you require us to tune the vocals of your track. You will need to order stem mastering if you want this. You must send us the vocals in a separate stem.


    11.) Instrumental Version (Only for Stem mastering or mixing) (US $25.80 per track)

    When you order a stem mastering of a vocal track we can also make an instrumental version for you using the same stems without the vocal.


    12.) Vocal Mixing (US $45.16 per track)

    Select this option if you want to have your vocals mixed with your instrumental. You need to select stem mastering also. and fill in the numer of vocal stems you have. Add one extra for the instrumental.


    13.) Priority mastering (Delivery within 24..48 hours. Please read extra info!) (US $45.16 per track)

    This option gives you a speedy delivery of your master. Normally the mastering is done within 3 to 5 workdays. If you need it faster than this mark this option. Please check first if we are available within 24..48 hours by sending an e-mail to If this option is selected on Friday afternoons or in the weekends we will master it on Monday. This service does not apply to mixing, only Stereo and Stem mastering. 


    14.) Mix check (S $12.90)

    Use this option when you are unsure about your mix and you want our advise first. You upload the file, we listen to it and let you know what you should change. You then make changes and upload your revised mix.


    15.) Native Instruments Stems file (US $38.71 per track)

    A Stem file is an open, multi-channel audio file which contains a track split into four musical elements – bass, drums, vocals, and melody for example. With each element available independently, you can mix in ways that just weren’t possible until now. Also stemfiles are sold to customers on Beatport (for example) for a much higher price than a stereo file. So as a producer you earn more money. DJ's are willing to pay more for stemfiles. Please note that you will have to deliver stems too if you want this option.

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