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Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy clauses define the conditions which both our magazine subscribers and portal visitors must accept in order to use our services and benefit from our programmes. Once you have read this page and continue to use the portal, you automatically agree to the policies laid out herein. If you do not agree with our policies, you should not utilise the Holistic Life Portal. We welcome you here and our policies are in place to maintain a comfortable environment for all.

Protection and Privacy Policy
ⓒ WARNING!!!... You may not copy or transmit the contents of this website either electronically or in hard copies. You may not duplicate its contents in any manner. If you are interested in using any existing material in any manner as described above, it must be for marketing purposes ONLY on behalf of The Holistic Life Portal, Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront (U-SOL) , Meditationz Media Network, House of Flamz Productions & X-Klusive Soundz Music or a sister brand, where each brand is sited accordingly. Breach or dishonour of our copyright protection will result in legal ramifications. Contact the U-SOL Office at 1 758 287 7000 for information about participating in our affiliate marketing programme.
Terms of Use


The Holistic Life Portal is a user-friendly global life, media, shopping, leisure, entertainment hub and magazine portal suited for audiences of all ages. We cater to a global, multi-national audience and expect user compliance in regard to respect for other users and magazine subscribers. Anyone in breach of our protection policies or terms of use will be banned and restricted access from the portal and its service. This is a legally binding statement and can protect you and your company, when it complies with applicable laws, from lawsuits and other legal action.



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