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H.O.F Video Services

Our Video Products & Services

H.O.F is always happy to represent you, creating professional video for your business, organisation or project. We provide video coverage services for a range of events including:


1.) Conferences

2.) Weddings

5.) Baby showers

4.) Entertainment Events 

5.) Parties and more!


We direct and produce music videos, coordinate and execute professional photo and video shoots.

We also offer a range of products including multi-genre music videos, video content featuring various forms of entertainment including stage shows/ performances, documentaries, movies and more. Our video products are both user-friendly (DRIVES, DVD's) and internet-accessible (DIGITAL FILES). Shop for your video favourites including exclusive video footage at The Soundz Music Store

Contact us to book a service or for information on one of our products and services. Call or WhatsApp us on (758) 287 7000.

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