There are five great rewards to be earned with U-SOL



1.) U-SOL Lifetime Loyalty Cards

2.) U-SOL Reward Cards

3.) U-SOL Coupons

4.) U-SOL Gift Vouchers  

5.) U-SOL Gift Cards



U-SOL Lifetime Loyalty Card



Join the Holistic Life Portal Community and become a U-SOL Club member, qualifying you as a privileged shopper with businesses globally! Whatever your need, you save, being a U-SOL Loyalty Card holder!


How do you claim yours? 


1.) Join our mailing list, then purchase any product or service valued at US$100. minimum or


2.) Are you considering making a purchase and eager to start earning U-SOL LIFETIME customer commitment benefits and don't want to wait until your second purchase to redeem? CLAIM INSTANT REWARDS as a newbie, by adding your Loyalty Card to your first purchase of any amount and begin earning and enjoying longterm rewards with us!


* Already a U-SOL customer who's eligible to be a U-SOL Lifetime Loyalty Card holder? ClLAIM yours to redeem rewards internationally where cards are accepted. 



U-SOL Lifetime Loyalty Cards entitle our regular customers to LONGTERM savings and promotional discounts on purchases. Cards are available as wallet-sized and e-cards and entitle holders to rewards from our Unveiling Solutions Service Centre and The Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront. Call 1 758 287 7000 or email to cash in today! Terms and conditions apply!