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Introducing U-SOL ~ Birthed through the desire to help people globally from all cultures and economic positions by providing a comprehensive range of professional/ business, social, entertainment, domestic and personal services in addition to general life products. WELCOME HOME to Your one-stop destination for Professional Business Services, General Products, Real Estate, Spa, Cyber, Travel & more! Shopping has never before been so enjoyable and fulfilling!

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Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront (U-SOL) is the premier one-stop destination for professional Brand Building, Business Development, Media, Public Relations/ Broadcasting, Advertisement, Sales & Marketing, Promotions, Entertainment & Events, Musical Representation, Real Estate, Spa, Cyber, Travel and other auxiliary services. Holistic shopping has never before been so easy, convenient, efficient, affordable, reliable, fulfilling and best of all, AVAILABLE UNDER ONE ROOF!

U-SOL has been accredited with a Five Star Rating by our clients because of the personalised attention we offer them. Our slogan is 'Digitally and Geographically helping to build, develop and maintain businesses, social platforms, entertainment and homes around the world, while connecting people globally ‘with a single mouse click'. Our Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront provides a revolutionary, classic and undeniably chic, modern shopping experience.

We are at the crossroads of everything; the corporate, social and domestic life-savers! Our all-inclusive virtual storefront/ general shopping web portal offers one of the most holistic, convenient and easy online shopping experiences you will have. We are the ultimate holistic product and service provider because we cater to a global market with our huge online presence comprising two (2) Business websites, two (2) digital magazine publications and a massive Social Network which includes a vast across-the-board social media presence. Our mantra is ‘to 'professionally represent our clients and help foster their individual visions, by providing them with the finest products and top quality services which are easily accessible through us'.

Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront is not only branded as being the all-encompassing, holistic providers of professional, socially integrated Web Development & Graphic Design services, Comprehensive Shopping, General Business Services, Real Estate, Cyber, Spa, Travel and Entertainment, but much, much more!

Come in and shop at our Rootz Mall stores and kiosques and enjoy our fantastic mall music when you're done unwinding with Transcendental Meditationz Radio & TV,. Relax in our exclusive Meditationz Radio Lounge or upgrade to enjoy our complete V.I.P. Radio & TV experience. You also have the added engagement of our jam packed Digital Magazines. They're informative, educational, thought provoking, motivating and fun! Be positively entertained, shop, explore, relax and even enjoy the Vybes Cinema experience. Thanks for stopping by our conveniently accessible Virtual U-SOL Office here on the Pinnacle Level floor of the Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront.



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A glimpse into our client portfolio
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