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We are at the Crossroads of EVERYTHING!




We’re pleased to provide you with “THE U-SOL SERVICE ADVANTAGE”. Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront (U-SOL) is the premier one-stop destination for Professional Brand Building, Business Development, Media, Public Relations/ Broadcasting, Advertisement, Sales & Marketing, Promotions, Entertainment, Events, Musical Representation, Real Estate, Spa, Cyber, Travel and other auxiliary services.


Holistic shopping has never before been so easy, convenient, efficient, affordable, reliable, fulfilling and best of all, AVAILABLE UNDER ONE ROOF!


U-SOL has been accredited with a Five Star Rating by our clients because of the personalised attention we offer them. Our slogan is ‘Digitally and Geographically helping to build, develop and maintain businesses, social platforms, entertainment and homes around the world, while connecting people globally ‘with a single mouse click’.


Our Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront provides a revolutionary, classic and undeniably chic, modern shopping experience.





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