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This collection of 39 poems deals with a variety of themes written from the heart in which the writer has managed to relay his feelings and thoughts in direct and unambiguous ways; sometimes moving and sometimes somewhat frivolous.


You can read poems about kids in 'I Rest My Case' and 'Remorse Of The Example'. And there are some dedicated to mother in 'Mother', and 'A Last Glimpse', as well as one to father in 'Tears Of A Silent Man'.


The poem 'Return' is a dedication to Africa and the 'His Day' deals with God and love. Many of the poems look at life in general, such as 'Ribbons', 'Unfinished', and 'Each Season Given To Us', which was published in 2016 by Leaves Of Ink.


'Four You' and 'Memento Mori' give you a look at death but there are also light-hearted poems to be found in the book, like 'Lost My Mind', 'Creator Of The Weather', and 'Diminished Size'.


All-in-all, the book contains a potpourri of poems, a fragrance of life for everyone.


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