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Refer a friend to U-SOL or The Holistic Life Portal as a first-time customer and earn yourself desirable savings. We believe in giving back — taking good care of our clientele is at the foundation of our Business Group. Your referral savings are unlimited! The more friends or family you refer, the more discounts you secure to enjoy an even more fulfilling shopping experience with Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront.



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Congratulations on earning yourself one of many U-SOL & Holistic Life Portal s HUGE savings! Explore our other rewards here to discover which you qualify for. Now that you have successfully downloaded your service or product coupon and submitted your referral information to us, you can proceed to REDEEM YOUR CREDIT! Note that if you submit your coupon at purchase without presenting your referral name and details, you will not be eligible to redeem your reward.  

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