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Joan Johnson's Sweet, Sweet 71st Birthday Highlights

By Faye-Chantelle Mondesir

Living long enough to enjoy three-score and ten years of a full and amazing life on earth is truly a remarkable blessing! Joan Johnson has been very privileged to celebrate her seventy-first birthday this year in grand style, like all other preceding years. Not only is Joan still vibrantly alive and doing exceptionally well, she also continues to maintain her stunningly youthful appearance! Spirituality, health and beauty — what more could a seventy-something ask for?

Thankful and thrilled to be alive

I may grow mature with time, but forever young at heart
Still striking those poses at 71!

Birthdays are best with good friends!

It's an undeniable fact that dear friends add to many special occasions and it was no exception for Joan this year. Joan Johnson and comrade Claudia Charlemagne came together to recognise her special day with Chef Orlando's special cooking of course — as one of the key highlights of the memorable evening.

Magnificent moments like these, secured in the heart!

A 71st birthday's no fun without a laugh!

Sweets for someone very sweet... at heart!

This breathtakingly beautiful cake you behold right here is but just one of the sweet highlights of Auntie Joan's big day. Her super seventy-first celebration extended to her goodwill gesture of hamper distribution around Saint Lucia — which according to Joan went really went and was very fulfilling, to say the least. Joan is extremely happy to have shared with others on her special day.

What's the point of a cute cake with no one to share it with?

Joan Johnson Sets Off to Brighten the Day for 71 Special Saint Lucians

Serving community was the icing on Joan's cake!

The Lions Club Assists In Hamper Distribution

Thank you to The Lions' Club of Saint Lucia for assisting with the hamper distribution to the beautiful people in the communities.

Snaps To Remember Some Special Moments



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