Faye-Chantelle Mondesir

C.E.O., Brand and Managing Director

I invite you to support my organisations, movements and causes. "I do nothing without CREATOR/ SOURCE from whom I originated and which sustains me." You too happen to be an essential character in life's great, mysterious script. We as individuals are meant to be a collective body working toward one goal, with the ultimate aim of achieving balance, complete happiness, enlightenment, empowerment and ultimate well-being, even in the presence of contrast. I'm a social activist and womb-man whose natural calling and passion is sharing light, inspiring and motivating people, with an overall vision to contribute toward overall expansion of humanity.

Join me on my journey and help make a positive difference. I use Music, Creative Arts & Entertainment as one of my main tools/ mediums to effectively reach out to and positively impact society at large. A spiritual being, trodding a path of love, light and positivity, I believe there exists good in several spiritual movements and so we can all learn and be edified by each other, while maintaining our individuality, philosophical beliefs and spiritual persuasion.

Life is a dual spiritual and physical journey of growth, therefore we MUST NOT be solely governed by its physical aspects. We are to be GRATEFUL and give thanks at ALL times in EVERYTHING, even amidst seemingly unfavourable or bad situations. This IS the path toward acquiring priceless life knowledge, character building and spiritual maturity. Knowledge is obtained through personal experience and so out of every negative, mistake, bad choice, a lesson can be learnt and good attained and taken throughout the rest of life’s journey.

These are the immutable, yet necessary seeds of change within our own personal existence we should always embrace. We must never remain stagnant, but ever learning and evolving - there remains something new to be discovered with each rising sun. Every day is a brand new existence and a freshly renewed opportunity to live a WHOLE NEW LIFE. By expediting IMMEDIATE change through our personal perception of life and changing our experiences through making different choices, we will enjoy a renewed state of being.

My favourite Teachers, Writers/ Philosophers/ Poets are:

Iyesus Christos, Ghandi, Soccrates, Dogen, Dalai Lama, Lao Tzu, The Buddha [Siddhartha Gautama a.k.a. Shakyamuni ], Albert Einstein, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, The Dalai Lama, 'Imperial Majesty' Haile Selassie (Emperor of Ethiopia), Sufi, Plato, Hippocrates.

Website: http://empressfaye.xyz

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Twitter (Personal) Page: twitter.com/GorgeousEmpress

Instagram Page: instagram.com/empressfaye7

📷 Faye-Chantelle Mondesir Biography

Faye - Chantelle Mondesir, whose alias is ‘Empress F

aye’ is an Entrepreneur, Author/ Writer, Artiste/ Creative Relations Manager, Web & Graphic Designer, Video Producer/ Editor, Wombman!

Born on the quaint, exotic tropical island of St. Lucia, nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean over three decades ago, was this exquisite female whose life journey was destined to impact those who would become the direct beneficiaries of her many skills, talents, but beyond all this, her balanced personality.

Those who have grown to favour her character relate, attesting with genuine accounts of how she has evolved into a woman of integrity, high morale and standards. A professional business woman, Ms. Mondesir, the epitome of homeostasis represents equilibrium, leveraging her professional life with her personal existence. She appreciates laughter, love, is passionate about many things, charismatic, intelligent, wise, caring, thoughtful, helpful and above all, a terrific listener and great friend.

A born visionaire, not only has she evolved beyond her own human existence and grown to recognise, accept and embrace her innate divine abilities and creativity, but helps others to tune in with theirs. "We are spiritual beings enjoying this beautiful, unique human experience," is her perception on life.

What does her rare name represent? 'Faye' is derived from the Middle English word 'faie' meaning "fairy", or possibly from the Old French word meaning loyalty, belief, confidence and trust. The name 'Chantelle' also springs forth from French origin. The name means singer, to sing, or song, which explains her love and passion for the Creative Arts, Entertainment and Music. There is so much which identifies Faye-Chantelle; her exclusive abundance of depth is what resonates with her brand supporters.

The only child of her mother, she has emerged into a beautiful ‘old soul’, intelligent, creative and spiritual young woman whose wisdom has far surpassed her years. Additionally, she was privileged to be the first of seven offspring of her father.

Upon advancing from the St. Joseph's Convent, her alma matta and the second all-female school she attended as a girl, she continued on to the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College to embark upon a career in the field of Hospitality Studies. After a short tenure of employment locally, she migrated to the UK to continue her studies; this time pursuing Business, Management and Accounting in London, England.

Returning to St.Lucia after many years, she enjoyed a successful career in the Tourism sector, until she began feeling the need for change career-wise. Here began her career within the media, as a Journalist (Reporter/ Writer) at the STAR Publishing in Saint Lucia, Digital Content Manager and just before the end of her tenure, editor of 2Nite.

Within her portfolio as Digital Manager of the STAR website and related Social Media, she also embraced other key roles within the Graphic Department, which vastly broadened her expertise in the fields of Print Media, Mass Communications and Journalism. She subsequently moved into radio, co-hosting a weekly programme at Radio Free Iyanola (RFI), then onto manage Kairi FM Radio and Graphic TV. Ms. Mondesi now operates her own media business, Meditationz Media Network (MMN).

A born entrepreneur, though having been gainfully employed and amassing relevant experience across the board for the better part of 16 years in between her traveling stints, her passion to operate her own business was never dormant.

With this growing desire and persistently unquenchable flame burning within, she finally ventured onto her own pursuits in April of 2018, fully devoting herself to and immersing herself in the development of her own brands, products and services.

Herein lay the culmination of the development of her projects and the long-awaited finalisation and expansion of her long anticipated business venture.

"I can truly say I am happy now. Right now, I feel like I am in the process of really fulfilling my purpose and achieving my goals, utilising all the creative energies which I have been blessed with, while simultaneously using all my in-born the skills and talents. It feels great, I feel good! I feel I am truly living my fullest potential, because to live and labour without pursuing those things you love most, though employed, is not living at all!" This was her testimony at the dawn of 2018.

What the future has in store for this young, ambitious woman, time alone will reveal! One thing's for certain though, she will surely be doing some wonderful things, positively impacting those within her network!

Her advice to everyone, "Do everything with passion, love and commitment and do what you love the most. Foster and invest in the things which you are passionate about. Always be grateful in everything and in every circumstance, never stop smiling and ALWAYS make yourself happy. Never depend on others for your happiness and peace, you are both the author and creator of your life. Daily develop self and constantly do introspection to become the highest version of yourself and a spiritual, intellectual and overall well-rounder who is holistically balanced.”

She goes on to share, “Look for humour in all things, laugh as often as you can, embrace life and live IN THE MOMENT. Never overthink or worry; always give and do your best, be forever grateful for everything in your life; the good makes you even more brilliant and bad situations grow you. Always give love; put SOURCE ABOVE ALL, love yourself, love your offspring, your spouse, family and friends and all people and things in the universe as much as you can ... Oh, and ALWAYS have fun!! (chuckling). LIVE IN THE MOMENT!” she concludes.

"Here's a little information about her projects:

Ms. Mondesir is the founder of the Holistic Life Portal, connected business chain and owner of Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront [U-SOL].

The Holistic Life Portal comprises:

1. Meditationz Media Network (MMN)

2. House of Flamz Productions & X-Klusiv Soundz Music

3. The Omega Foundation and Menenyte Fun Club

4. The Collective Chord Global Arts & Entertainment Community

5. She is also the Publisher for Digital Business, Creative Arts and Entertainment magazine 'In the SpotLyght Feature Magazine'.

Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront (U-SOL) comprises:

  1. Holistic Zensations Therapies

  2. U-SOL Amazzing Iyanola Tours

  3. The Cyber Centre Internationa

  4. Unveiling Solutions Literature Loft (Online Book Store)

  5. Unveiling Solutions International Real Estate Agent Services

Primary Email fdmondesir@gmail.com 


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Unveiling Solutions & Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront (U-SOL)


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