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Le Portail de la Vie Holistique

This webspace  represents The Holistic Life Portal Digital Magazine, Internet Radio and Modern Television. We also house a luxurious storefront/ virtual shopping mall which caters to all your physical, business, intellectual, social, recreational and even spiritual needs.


The vast service section of  the Rootz Mall, Unveiling Solutions, simplifies your life by catering to your professional/ business/ career and auxiliary needs over a 24-hour flexible timeline, while all your general personal needs are catered to at The Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront. 


This webspace focuses on and highlights the core elements of life in general and is centred around overall well being. We are an exclusive and dynamic four-part Global Media/ Broadcasting experience, encouraging and motivating our audiences to maximise every aspect of their lives through our enlightening publications and other media engagement. Connect and build relationship with a globally diverse network.


Our aim is to assist you in consciously fostering your awareness of life, the environment and self. This is a fabulous all-encompassing digital place to be meaningfully occupied, inspired, motivated, fulfilled, but most importantly to HAVE FUN while at it. Take yourself away! We represent several interesting publications aimed at energising, enlightening, strengthening, educating and entertaining our readers daily.


Valuable knowledge, wisdom, education, entertainment and limitless engagement is now your daily food enjoying our content and features. COME THROUGH OUR PORTAL! Shop or simply hang out. One of the most fun and fulfilling experiences you will ever have and guaranteed to experience is right here at The Rootz Mall Luxury Storefront. Experience! Retreat to Your ALL-INCLUSIVE Modern Haven of Wellbeing. Namaste!